About Senta Wessels

30+ years experience

I’m a passionate, enthusiastic architectural technologist with more than 30 years experience in drafting and design.

Areas of work

Throughout my 30+ year career I’ve had the privilege of working on residential, commercial and government buildings.

Not just design...

Working on all of these projects over many decades not only saw me partake in the design of these marvellous creations, but gave me the opportunity to be involved in the construction and completion too, experiences that gave me vast amounts of insight into what architecture should and should not be.

International projects

One of the best experiences of my professional life was working for a large architectural firm in Cape Town.

They assigned me to work on the Dubai Water Canal, an education centre in Kuwait and Dhofar Luxury Villas in Doha.

In addition to my usual architectural work I was also given the responsibility to study international jurisdictional regulations pertaining to these UAE projects, including the IBC/ICC and ISBN building regulations, with special attention to Fire Safety Sanitation and the access and use of buildings.

My responsibilities included the planning and execution of facade detail drawings, as well as basic scale and forms desired for the project.

Going solo

In 2009 I made the jump into the world of self employment by starting my own architectural firm.

Since then I’ve helped clients with cost estimates, project requirements, goal setting, rough project drawings, schematic designs, site plan development sketches and finally, full sets of working construction drawings.

I’ve been involved with many clients from their initial dream, right to where they walk through the door of their realised dream.

A stint in Cape Town

2016 saw me move to a prestigious Cape Town architectural firm where I had the fine experience of being involved in the international architectural projects mentioned above.

Tools of the trade

I’m proficient in Computer Aided Design.

My CAD tool of choice is AutoCAD, and I use Revit to assist in the execution of construction and detail drawings.

But my toolbox also includes something no piece of software can bring to your project: experience with license applications, technical assistance and work execution. These are invaluable in ensuring your architectural requirements are met to your exacting standards, on time.

Deliberate and dedicated design

Deliberate and dedicated design is important to reach your objectives, and I offer that through flexibility of mind in execution.


I am an accredited architectural technologist, registered with SACAP.
Senta Wessels Professional Architectural Technologist Certificate

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